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How to distinguish the quality of agricultural machinery accessories?

When purchasing agricultural machinery accessories, the following three methods can help us identify the quality of agriculture spare parts:

1. Visual identification method

Visual inspection can identify wear on external parts, as well as deterioration of the surface quality of parts. Such as cracks on the cylinder block and cylinder head, fatigue shedding on the surfaces of gears and flow bearings, annealing blue or pitting after severe burns of fuel injectors and exhaust valves, wear and burn of friction materials of clutches and brakes, gear pairs , the degree of light leakage between the piston and the cylinder liner, etc.

2. Auditory identification method

For auditory identification, a small hammer can be used to lightly tap the inspection part of the metal parts, and the sound can be used to judge whether there are cracks inside and whether the connection is tight. Generally, the tight and intact parts are crisp and the defective ones are dull. In this way, the cracks of the crankshaft and the side rods, the combination of the bearing alloy and the body, and the reliability of the rivet connection can be identified. In addition, the meshing state can also be roughly judged from the sound of the running gear set.

3. Tactile identification method

In tactile identification, you can shake the accessories by hand, and judge the gap size by feeling, without measuring with a measuring tool. Such as the clearance between the valve stem and the valve guide, the radial and axial clearance of the flow bearing, etc.

How to distinguish the quality of agricultural machinery accessories