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Early prevention of damage to the universal joint of rotary tiller

The damage to the universal joint is relatively common when the rotary tiller is operating. According to the investigation, the main reasons for the damage to the universal joint of the rotary tiller are: first, improper use, second, incorrect installation, third, improper selection of the universal joint shaft and bushing, fourth, failure to maintain in time according to regulations, fifth, headland turning When not lifting or forcibly turning before lifting.

The measures to prevent the damage of the universal joint of the rotary tiller are as follows:

1. It is not advisable to use rotary tillers on the land with many stones, and it is better to use other tools for farming;

2. Start and engage the power first, and then slowly drop the farm implement, so that the blade of the rotary tiller slowly sinks into the soil as it advances;

3. The length of the universal joint square shaft and the shaft sleeve should be matched with the model of the agricultural implement. If it is too long, the transmission parts will be damaged during use, and if it is too short, the agricultural implement will come out when it is raised;

4. When the universal joint is installed, the opening of the fork should be in the same plane to ensure the uniform force of the rotation of the cutter shaft, otherwise the transmission parts will be easily damaged;

5. Carry out lubrication and maintenance on time and as required, and do not miss oil and grease at each lubrication point to prevent early damage due to dry friction;

6. The lifting height of agricultural tools should be locked when hydraulically controlled, and the height of the rotary tiller from the ground should not exceed 20cm

7. When turning, the farm implement must be lifted first, otherwise the transmission parts will be easily damaged;

8. During work, the angle between the square shaft of the universal joint and the plane of the gearbox should not exceed 10 degrees, otherwise the transmission efficiency will decrease and it will be easily damaged. After the farm implement is lifted, the angle should not exceed 30 degrees, otherwise the universal joint will also be easily damaged. .