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The Correct Way to Use And Maintain The Harvester V-belt

The correct way to use and maintain the harvester v-belt

Nowadays, with the development of mechanization, agricultural harvesters have become the main force in crop harvesting, which reduces the intensity of manual labor and greatly improves work efficiency. The V-belt is an important spare part of the harvester that plays the main driving role. If it is used and maintained improperly, it is easy to cause early wear and damage in the work, which not only increases the cost of replacement, but also takes time and effort. Therefore, correct It is very important to use and maintain the harvester belt properly, which is also the knowledge that the farmer needs to master.

1. The V-belt used by the harvester is a belt that matches the pulley to achieve transmission. If the bottom surface of the belt is in contact with the bottom surface of the pulley groove and friction occurs, it proves that the two are not matched or worn, and one of the two needs to be replaced according to the situation.

2. When the harvester is working, the pulley cannot swing too much, and any abnormality should be checked in time. If the swing is too large, check whether the pulley disc is deformed, whether the pulley is installed correctly, whether the pulley shaft is bent, and whether the bearing is worn, and then remove it.

3. It is necessary to properly adjust the tension of the V-belt. If the V-belt is too loose, it will slip and the power cannot be effectively transmitted. It should be checked and adjusted frequently to avoid excessive wear, elongation and shortening of the service life of the belt. The belt body takes up oil and slips.

4. For harvesters that are not used for a long time, the V-belt should be loosened, removed and kept separately, stored in a cool and dry place, and should be rolled as much as possible when hanging.

5. Generally speaking, the V-belt and the V-belt are used together. If one of them is damaged, it needs to be replaced, and the rest must be replaced together, and the new and the old cannot be mixed.