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Types of Combine Harvesters

Types of Combine Harvesters

The combine harvester is a combined machine for harvesting crops. It was called Combine in the early 1950s. It can complete the harvesting, threshing, separation of stems, and removal of miscellaneous residues of cereal crops at one time, and directly obtain grain in the field.

Before the advent of combine harvesters, threshers and mechanical harvesters greatly improved agricultural productivity in the 19th century. This made it possible to harvest more grain with fewer workers than before. But an invention in the late 19th century took this efficiency even further.The combine harvester combines harvesting and thresher into a whole, enabling farmers to complete harvesting and threshing with a single operation, thus saving manpower and material resources and greatly reducing the burden on farmers.

Types of Combine Harvesters:

1.According to the type of harvested crops, it can be divided into: wheat harvester, rice harvester, rice and wheat combine harvester, corn combine harvester, rapeseed combine harvester, etc.

Types of Combine Harvesters rice and wheat combine harvester

Rice and Wheat Combine Harvester

2.According to the walking device, it can be divided into: wheel type combine harvester, crawler type combine harvester

Types of Combine Harvesters wheel type combine harvester

Wheel Type Combine Harvester

Types of Combine Harvesters crawler type combine harvester

Crawler Type Combine Harvester

3.According to the feeding method, it can be divided into: semi-feeding combine harvester, full-feeding combine harvester

full-feeding combine harvester

Full-Feeding Combine Harvester

semi-feeding combine harvester

Semi-Feeding Combine Harvester

4.According to the feeding amount, it can be divided into three types: large, medium and small.