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How to maintain the tractor in summer

How to maintain the tractor in summer

1. Avoid long-term exposure of the tractor to the sun and rain in summer. Tractors that are not in operation and temporarily not in use should be parked in a cool, dry and ventilated place, otherwise the body will be exposed to wind, rain and the sun, causing the paint surface to lose its luster, or even blister or fall off. Excessive exposure to the sun will cause tire aging, or even rupture, shortening its service life.

2. The inflation should not be too much. When the tire is over-inflated in summer, the gas is heated and expanded, which can easily lead to the rupture of the inner tube. The inflation pressure of summer tires is preferably lower than 2% – 3% of the specified value.

3. Replace the lubricating oil in time. In summer, you should switch to diesel oil with a higher viscosity.

4. Do not add cold water to hot cars. In summer, the cooling system begins to circulate forcibly during operation, and the cooling water in the water cooling system consumes quickly. During the operation, you should pay attention to check the water level more, and add clean soft water in time when it is insufficient. When the water temperature exceeds 95 degrees, it is necessary to stop and unload, and do not immediately turn off the engine to stop the engine running. Use the method of idling the engine to cool down to prevent “boiling”.

During the operation of the locomotive, if the water tank boils or water needs to be added, cold water cannot be added to prevent the cylinder head and cylinder liner from bursting. At this time, the operation should be stopped, and after the water temperature drops, add clean soft water appropriately.

5. Clean the cooling system in time to prevent water leakage. Before the arrival of summer, a thorough descaling and cleaning of the cooling system should be carried out to make the water pump, radiator and water pipe unblocked to ensure the normal circulation of cooling water. According to the ratio of 1 liter of water to 75-80 grams of alkaline water, the cooling system can be filled up, so that the engine will not be released after 10 hours of operation, and rinsed with clean soft water. In addition, remove the weeds adhering to the surface of the radiator in time.

Water leakage in the cooling system will reduce the amount of water, resulting in frequent water addition and increased fouling, so that the temperature rises too quickly, the heat dissipation effect is reduced, and the service life is shortened. Water leakage generally occurs at the pump shaft sleeve. At this time, the water seal compression nut can be properly tightened. If it is invalid, it should be replaced in time.

6. Keep the battery vents open. General-purpose batteries generate hydrogen or oxygen during use, and these gases expand at high temperatures. If the vent hole is blocked, it will cause the battery to rupture, so it is necessary to check frequently to keep the battery vent hole unobstructed.

How to maintain the tractor in summer